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OYH003 - Darren McDaniel and the Starfish

Darren McDaniel

Ryan Price and Darren McDaniel talk about The Starfish and the Spider, the Creative Community in the Dorms at Northwestern, sources of motivation, Napster, freelance musicians in Nashville, Urban ReThink / DMAC / CCoMO, Rebooting the News and a bit on Google+ (Plus).

Darren McDaniel is the Founding Director of Urban ReThink, a coworking space and event venue in Downtown Orlando. A strategist, sociologist, educator, entrepreneur, a hat-juggling creative, a Central Florida native, Darren received his bachelor’s degree in Radio-TV-Film from Northwestern University. He freelanced in film and video for two years before seeking refuge in graduate school. While earning his master’s degree in Southern Studies from the University of Mississippi, Darren discovered his inner sociologist and continued his studies as a Ph.D. candidate at Vanderbilt University.

At Vanderbilt, Darren focused on the intersection of work and occupations and social psychology. His dissertation examined the identities of Nashville’s striving freelance musicians and the consequences of operating in an “understructured” career. Armed with theory, Darren returned to his creative side, writing/producing/directing the feature film, The Essence of Irwin and later founding Petentials.com, the Internet for Pets. Past Director of Programming for the Downtown Media Arts Center, Darren joyfully serves as Course Director for Digital Storytelling at Full Sail University.

Great job putting this

Great job putting this together, Ryan. I mentioned our Illumi-Hinman dorm prank that originated in 1990. Looks like it was still going as late as 2009. Here's an article from 2006. Ah, the good old days...