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Pet Rocks and Prototypes - Live Chat Show #1

Kathryn Neel

There are lots of names for projects with simple requirements and short timelines - MVP, Proof-of-Concept, Prototype, Beta, and many more. Join us for a discussion of the ins and outs.

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Starfish and Schoolhouse - Darren and Ryan Chat Show #0

Darren McDaniel

Darren has helped create www.RSchool.us, a starfishy collection of one-room school houses, currently with two locations in Central Florida. Ryan would like to create a video game mod based on Darren's indy mockumentary feature, The Essence of Irwin. These two veteran community creators will chat and bring in their collaborators and people who inspire them, talking about mentorship and the concepts of organization, integration and validation. Bi-weekly on YouTube Live?

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OYH004 - Darren McDaniel and the Waystation

Urban ReThink by Thomas Thorspecken

We are proud to reboot this podcast with our new guest/host Darren McDaniel. We discuss the Orlando Fringe Festival (and Ryan's 2014 show Craigslust) at length, as well as coworking communities, clubs and Urban ReThink. Darren's Opportunity Structures, like the burgeoning WayStation model, are visible in many places, and their need is sorely felt. Please join us for the discussion.

OYH003 - Darren McDaniel and the Starfish

Darren McDaniel

Ryan Price and Darren McDaniel talk about The Starfish and the Spider, the Creative Community in the Dorms at Northwestern, sources of motivation, Napster, freelance musicians in Nashville, Urban ReThink / DMAC / CCoMO, Rebooting the News

OYH002 - Talent, Time and Passion

Eric and Ryan at BarCamp Miami 2009

Eric Marden, and Ryan Price uncover a new "Iron Triangle": Vision, Time and Skill. The talk turns from taking straight jobs to giving your fun projects deadlines, circling back to amateur production and new forms of publishing.

OYH001 - GPL House Cats

Eric Marden

Eric Marden, AKA @xentek, joins us from Chicago with host Ryan Price this week. Our Yellow House is awash with discussions of software licensing, Chat Roulette and Freelancing. Music by Dr. Xenlab, the ghosts of your past always haunt closest to your heart.

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